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Early Invite ~ Mad Tea Party in Ross
Do you love Alice ~ In Wonderland ~ Through the Looking Glass?
Have you ever celebrated the birthday of the author, Lewis Carroll, born 27 January 1832?
If you have, or you haven’t, consider being as mad as the Hatter and find Ross, which is a crazy kind of town, with a bridge loaded with carvings as mysterious as Wonderland.
The 27th falls on a Friday next January, so something can happen then, and tumble over the weekend too.
What can we do?
We could have a dozen tea parties, each one madder than the last.
Anyone who loves to dress up could turn up as an Alice in Wonderland character.
What great photo opportunities there will be.
There could be an exhibition of art inspired by Alice in Wonderland.
There could be a teapot fair, of all the teapots under the Sun, and the Moon, in Ross.
How about a Teapot Race, both running forward and running backwards, and pouring a nice cup of tea?
No spilling tea, or the Red Queen will do you know what!!!!!!!
There could be chess, lots of chess, all kinds of chess ~ a mad chess challenge.
Would you enter the Day Dreaming indulgence ~ with prizes for the losers and the winners.
Am I dreaming?
Could it be possible to have a reading competition?
Then there is the Jabberwocky………
Would you be mad enough to be in Ross next January?????
If yes, please reply, and add any ideas of your own.
And if you could be there on the Friday, or the Saturday, or the Sunday, or all three.
There can only be such a crazy event, if someone is there.
But then, if no one is there, Wonderland would still be there.
I wonder if you will be mad enough to be there.
And share this with others mad enough to be there too.
Print the poster and put it up some place, for others to wonder about ~


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