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Kim Peart ~   Artist * Poet * Researcher * Writer * Space Advocate
Ross, Tasmania, Australia
0400 856 523

Media ~
Travelling and Collecting
Kim Peart will be travelling with his wife, Jennifer, during October and November, collecting ideas and inspirations for art and poetry.
San Francisco on Sunday 6 October - 11 October
Los Angeles on Friday 11 October - 16 October
Washington, D.C. on Wednesday 16 October - 28 October
Chicago on Monday 28 October - 2 November
Stockholm, Sweden, on Sunday 3 November
Departing Stockholm on Monday 11 November to return to Australia
Kim hopes to meet many artists and poets, as well as lovers of art and poetry along the road, to discuss the art and the poems and the essential potential of space for our planet safety and cosmic survival.

While in Washington, D.C., Kim will be attending the International Astronautical Congress, 21-25 October, where he will be with Space Pioneers in Booth 377 in the Exhibition Hall (as a space visionary, he is director of Space Pioneers). 
Go here for Kim’s great space adventure, where he calls on the people of Earth to rise to the challenge of space to save the Earth ~
Kim writes poems using a writing technique that he developed in June 2018, to write poems via an avatar in the virtual world of Second Life.
Kim’s poems can be seen here ~
Kim also writes a daily ..... Doggo Wisdom ..... on thoughts that might blow through the mind of a dog, for the Dog Rocket in his gallery in Second Life ~
The Doggo Wisdom is a writing exercise ….. walking the Doggo.
Kim has written a number of space poems, including ….. Mars ….. see below, and is working on a theme of space art sprung from the poems as word pictures.
One of his Poems ….. Mad as Mad ….. has been published in a collection of writings out of Tasmania, produced by the North West branch of the Australian Writers Federation .....


A few background facts about Kim can be seen here ~

Have you been to the ghost towns of Mars?
They were all the hoot for a while,
until the orbital cities were built,
some as wide as a mile.

Now mainly robots are found on Mars
greeting tourists from Earth
to see all the pioneering
upon the Martian dirt.

Earthers ask, "Why did all the Martians go,
to live in the orbital cities in space?"
So the robots explain the details,
the advantage of that place.

The Martians wanted the right to visit Earth
so Earth gravity was deemed the need,
generated by rotating space habitats
where children are a better breed.

For Mars has a third of Earth's gravity
and babies born on the god of war
have lighter bones and muscles
leaving them on Earth's floor.

They couldn't get any travel insurance
with safety risks on Earth too great,
so one by two the Martians left
leaving the planet to its fate.

Only Elon Musk stayed on Red Mountain
living on the Martian dream world
designing new star rockets
to be faster propelled.

"Thanks for visiting the Martian museum"
the tourists all heard as they leave.
"Remember the gravity's greater
where cities are tumbling free."


Kim Peart & Jennifer Bolton on one of the Glass House Mountains, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast …..

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