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Goddess of love
star of the morning
born from the ocean
queen of life's dreaming

Steps from the sea
bathed in a rainbow
surrounded by waves
and sea birds that crow

Onto the sand
into the landscape
a vision of beauty
a wondrous fate

But look to the sky
your home planet sizzles
a deadly dry landscape
where it never drizzles

That dominion is stark
rocks glow in a heat
that loves to melt lead
no place for your feet

We know your past
of a planet once cool
with water like Earth
til the Sun dried your pool

Are you doomed to bake
an eternal devil's furnace
or could you find new birth
regain your ocean's palace?

Could we love you
enough to cool you 
with a sunshade above 
and water to your brew?

Not too hot
and not too frozen
just right for life
where waves freshen

Could we cool you
hot goddess of love
heal that parched planet 
deliver new life from above?
A day of new birth
a Venusian ocean
rise once again
new life in motion


NOTE ~   Venus is nearly the same size as Earth. It would take a long time, maybe a million years, but it would be possible to transform Venus into a second Earth, beginning with a sunshade in space, to begin to cool the planet. There is no water on Venus at present, but there is plenty of water in the Solar System, some of which could be brought to Venus. In the early phase, there could be cities that float in the clouds of Venus, where carbon and oxygen may be mined from the air, which is mainly carbon dioxide (CO2). With the power of the Sun for energy, CO2 from Venus could be processed, and the carbon used to make carbon based products for human society in space. Carbon is an amazing element, the basis of life as we know it, and the raw material for a growing range of new products.

Mysterious Cloud 'Absorbers' Seen to Drive Venusian Albedo, Climate http://www.spacedaily.com/reports/Mysterious_Cloud_Absorbers_Seen_to_Drive_Venusian_Albedo_Climate_999.html
"Venus is much hotter - in the neighborhood of 860 degrees Fahrenheit (460 degrees Celsius) at the surface - due to a runaway greenhouse effect caused by a thick, carbon dioxide rich atmosphere and a blanket of clouds composed mostly of droplets of sulfuric acid." ~ "The planet rotates in the opposite direction of Earth (the Sun rises in the west), and its surface has never been seen by the human eye as it is completely obscured by its banks of opaque, highly reflective clouds." ~ "In particular, the albedo changes help explain variations in the vigorous activity of the planet's upper atmosphere, which exhibits what scientists call "super-rotation," a phenomenon driven by winds exceeding 200 miles per hour.”
Venus, Not Earth, May Have Been Our Solar System's Best Chance At Life
Venus' atmosphere was very thin at the beginning, comparable to the thickness of Earth's atmosphere today. Earth, on the other hand, was very different, with lots of methane, ammonia, water vapor, hydrogen and virtually no oxygen at all. And the Sun was so faint compared to what it is now: less than 80% as luminous as it is today. With all that in mind, perhaps -- if we rewound the Solar System to the very beginning and started it again -- the ingredients for life would come together on Venus far more easily than on Earth? And perhaps early Venus was teeming with life, while things on Earth were barely getting started?


Would the real Venus please stand up .....



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forgive me,
for I have sinned:
I had that dream again
there was no restrain
I was pinned.

Tell me all
my good son
and the burden will go:
your life will be much better
your heart will be lighter
your days will flow.

I pray
then I sleep
my good wife there too:
something wonderful happens
as if I am in love again
then wake in a stew.

All sweaty
and quite messy
there is nothing I can do:
but go take a cold shower
make me a hot coffee
wonder what's due?

We tried,
you know we tried,
with so very many ways:
but you still dream in the night
as if on your wedding
on bliss filled days.

And your wife
there beside you
the holiest woman:
her thoughts are so high
the saints are in envy
a very fine human.

I would say
there can be a way
if you write your dream:
get it out of your system
and bring it to me
that I deem.

Here it is
I feel better now
that was good direction:
lets it all flow out of mind
and onto the paper
with affection.

Over the decades
the good Father gathered
quite a library of night tales:
put aside in a bank deposit box
until one dark day
security fails.

The bank was robbed
the boxes all left empty
them stories flowed into a book:
a tome read far and wide
tales from the night
quite a look.

You said you would burn 
all those stories I confessed
but I have sinned and read a bad book:
and there were all my tales shared so bold
of night dreams beside my good wife
I am feeling rather crook.

No more confession
it was time for some reflection
on chasing dreams in a different way:
the wages would be a worthy incentive
letting night dreams run wild
capturing them at day

Thus it came about
that a novelist was born
who could write a book of sinning:
tales from the night of creamy dreams
all published in secret
for some grinning.




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Have you been to the ghost towns of Mars?
They were all the hoot for a while,
until the orbital cities were built,
some as wide as a mile.

Now mainly robots are found on Mars
greeting tourists from Earth
to see all the pioneering
upon the Martian dirt.

Earthers ask, "Why did all the Martians go,
to live in the orbital cities in space?"
So the robots explain the details,
the advantage of that place.

The Martians wanted the right to visit Earth
so Earth gravity was deemed the need,
generated by rotating space habitats
where children are a better breed.

For Mars has a third of Earth's gravity
and babies born on the god of war
have lighter bones and muscles
leaving them on Earth's floor.

They couldn't get any travel insurance
with safety risks on Earth too great,
so one by two the Martians left
leaving the planet to its fate.

Only Elon Musk stayed on Red Mountain
living on the Martian dream world
designing new star rockets
to be faster propelled.

"Thanks for visiting the Martian museum"
the tourists all heard as they leave.
"Remember the gravity's greater
where cities are tumbling free."





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Farmer Sam lost his glasses
and couldn't see too well
but work must go on and on
there was hay to bring in fast
and time wouldn't hang around long.

His old hay bailer rattled and groaned
meandering along the country road
past sheep, cows and hedgerows
to the paddock of hay to harvest
nicely dry now where it grows

The hay looked a little funny
as Sam couldn't see too well
but on with the bailing he goes
slashing the field like an army
and spitting out bails in rows

Then loads them all on a trailer
and tractors them back to the barn
which fills to the rafters
and into the loft 
but two dozen more remain afters

As his garage had fallen down
the house would have to do
as an extra barn for the keep'n
of bails of hay for the winter
keep'n the sheep from bleep'n

With a wish to clear the house
Sam decided to put some hay out
to which the sheep took a like'n
unlike ever before in the past
they chewed that hay up like light'n

Sargent Barks was driving past
wondered why Sam's sheep were jump'n
old ewes bouncing like lambs
weathers had an odd glance
and something quite odd with the rams

Knocks on Sam's door to inquire
about his sheep being real odd
when the odour seemed hazy 
made him wonder out loud
"Is this straw make'n your flock crazy?"

The drug squad came and took the lot
in the house at least
and set out a watch for a crim
to catch the planter of grass in Sam's hay
that made his sheep happy to the brim

Longbottom drove by real slow
and then took off real fast
chased by the cops with siren blaring
drove into a ditch by the bridge
and was caught for his grass and daring

But the barn was round the back
still full of hay with a flavour
so Sam wonder'n what ta do
in case the cops came back
decided he was in a legal stew

A sleepless night beneath the Moon
sparked a bright idea with the dew
and as Christmas was about to show
Sam got out a long roll of ribbon
and wrapped each bail with a bow

Drove round all his neighbours
and emptied the barn
by sharing with all a bail of hay 
and after nine trailer trips
trundled home to reflect on the day

Delighted with the secret gift 
farmers gave the hay to their stock
making them strange and bouncy
but very much happier
what the heck with something free

But a few farmers in the know
pulled out their pipes 
lighting up free of fear
to blow rings into the night
happy with the Christmas cheer




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Silent War

No planes flew over
no bombs exploded
no screams were heard
when the enemy struck
and life imploded

Like a Martian invader 
killing people
with invisible rays
the virus struck
made nations feeble

My town is dead
few cars about
the shop is open
holding out but
the pub has no stout

The World is frozen
biding cold time
running on empty
living the nightmare
haunted we hide

Stalking like ghosts
confined to our homes
supplies running low
silently screaming
feeling like bones

Looking for hope
inside the mirror
nothing to see
in that visual echo
reflecting terror

Seeing the Sun
feeling the shadow
cold in the night
freezing tight on
this icy meadow

The invader has won
so many will die
where fighting back
is the sum of naught
buzzes like a fly




Shop ..... is a general store
Pub ..... is a bar and hotel
Stout ..... is Guinness, which reflects on an old Country and Western song by Slim Dusty ..... Pub With No Beer ~

During the Virus War, our pub is closed, but the bottle shop part remains open. The hotel, which runs a restaurant in peacetime, is offering takeaways to be collected. 

The main highway seen from our home has few cars, but more trucks. The train still runs, blowing its horn when it goes through the town.

Though the time is dark, I see hope, if folk will rally via the Internet, and mobilize in the virtual worlds, to march for space, building careers, creating work, inspiring hope, creating a celestial future. If this works as a war effort, it will stimulate the economy, and open the way for a happy peacetime future. Why wouldn't we try that?


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Your fire was way too hot
my skin burned
flames leaping into the night
then life turned

As trails go through time
on a mountain
surrounded by a blizzard
frozen pain

You were so busy today
a whirlwind
no time to stop and talk
into the wind

Watched a train roar by
no crossing
it never seemed to end
just waiting

In the first snow in town
silent falls
white is the street
night calls

Waiting for your fire again
night raging
leaping flames of heart
needs taming




NOTE ~   The poem ..... Ice ..... is in part inspired by the day in Chicago when Jennifer and I went on an expedition from down town to Geneva to see the 1892 Viking ship called Viking, built in Norway and sailed to Chicago for the 1893 World Fair. There she lies beneath a tent, in need of a home, and that should have happened decades ago. Time ticks on ..... Waiting for the next train to the city, we walked around Geneva with snow falling, turning the town white. Back at the station our train arrived across the track, and as we were about to cross the line, we, and a whole crowd had to wait, as a really long freight train roared by, and seemed to take forever and a day to find its way down the line. Fortunately, our train waited for the trapped and frozen passenger, so we wended our way back to the lake.
Friends of the Viking ~

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